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Since 1938, Forge Insurance has specialized in providing commercial auto coverage.

Limousine and Sedan Service Insurance

With Forge Insurance, you can be confident that you have the right limousine coverage or sedan coverage in place. As the owner of a livery service that includes limousines, sedans, or both, you know that keeping your vehicles on the road is the key to your competitive edge and success.

If your need is limousine insurance, sedan insurance or coverage for both types of vehicles, Forge specializes in providing insurance to protect your livery, drivers and passengers. We understand that your passengers often include CEOs, politicians, diplomats, conference attendees and others visiting the area. Whether your fleet is one sedan or limousine, or multiple vehicles, with over eighty years of experience specializing in providing sedan insurance and limousine insurance, Forge Insurance has all of the comprehensive commercial insurance products to fit your needs and provide peace of mind.

Why Forge?

Forge's 80-plus years of experience has enabled us to keep pace – and stay ahead – of the changing commercial transportation industry. We offer coverage solutions that protect sedans and limousines, as well as courtesy shuttles, school shuttles, last-mile delivery and couriers. Because of this experience, we are able to serve emerging niches like ridesharing and last-mile delivery as they have exploded onto the scene.

Commercial Auto insurance is what we do. Delivering on the promise to be there for you when needed is our mission. We specialize in knowing our customers' businesses and providing a high level of protection and service at an exceptional value. We match and customize the right insurance coverages to their risks and needs at competitive rates. We provide specialized underwriting and claims services to craft the best protection and to speed their recovery when faced with accidents or disasters.

Product benefits

With more than 80 years of transportation insurance, Forge understands the risks faced by transportation companies. We provide tailored coverages for a wide range of passenger vehicles, including owners and operators of luxury sedans and stretch limousines, along with SUVs, vans and work trucks. Our commercial auto insurance program includes the following critical coverages:

Bodily Injury Liability

If you're in an accident while driving your sedan or limo and there are third-party injuries for which you are found to be responsible, the policy will pay for the related expenses and bills, including medical care, hospital payments, and rehabilitation. It will also pay for defense costs and settlements or judgments that may result from a claim, up to the policy limits.

Property Damage Liability

If you're in an accident while driving and someone else's vehicle or property is damage, the policy will pay for repairs or replacement of the damaged vehicle or property.

Medical Payments

This coverage protects the driver and the passengers in your limousine or sedan. In the event that your vehicle is involved in an accident and the operator or the passengers get injured, the policy will pay for the medical expenses arising from the accident.


Offers protection for your limo or sedan if it collides with another vehicle or a physical object, and pays for the costs of the limo repairs or replacement.


Protects your vehicle from accidents other than a collision. In the event of theft, vandalism, fire, or hailstorm damages to your vehicle, the policy will pay for vehicle repairs or replacement.

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists

Protects you against drivers of other vehicles who do not carry liability coverage or who do not have enough insurance to cover the full extent of the damage if they are responsible for the accident.

How much does limo or sedan insurance cost?

Commercial auto insurance for limois and sedans as well as other vehicles in the public transportation industry typically have higher rates than other business segments. This is largely because of the inherent risk or exposure due to the nature of public transportation. Limousine and sedan owners make money when they are transporting passengers. However, the risks increase when the wheels are always turning. This is different from other industries, such as professional services, that may use commercial vehicles to run errands. That said, there are many factors that contribute to insurance premiums. They include:

Your Location

Your geography plays a role in how much insurance coverage costs. You may pay more in a larger city than in a smaller town.

Vehicle Types, Values and Sizes

As a rule of thumb, larger and more valuable vehicles have higher insurance premiums than smaller and less valuable vehicles.

Driving History

Your driving experience matters to insurance companies. You can expect insurers to collect motor vehicle reports for drivers on your policy for the last three years. The drivers on your policy with multiple accidents and violations will cause your premiums to increase.

Coverage Requirements

The coverage and limits you choose will have an impact on the overall premium. For example, higher liability limits or coverage equates to a higher premium as opposed to state minimum limits. Forge Insurance has a wide range of coverage options to help you tailor a commercial auto policy to fit your needs at an affordable price.

How do I get the cheapest limo or sedan insurance?

If you are in search of the cheapest commercial auto insurance, there are ways to lower your premium. First, keep a clean driving record. Driving history is one of the largest impacts on premium. Second, change your coverage limits and deductibles. For example, you can decrease your combined single limit from $300,000 to $100,000 or increase your deductible to share more of the risk. However, you may pay more out-of-pocket in case of an accident. Finally, Forge Insurance offers both paid-in-full and commercial drivers license (CDL) discounts. These discounts will help you save money on commercial auto insurance. The best advice is to tailor a commercial auto policy that offers the best coverage at a price you can afford. Let Forge Insurance help you customize a policy that fits into your unique cost and value situation.

What are the black car and limo insurance requirements?

Insurance companies generally have a set of black car and limo insurance requirements and rating factors you'll need to consider. These might include:

  • The vehicle's make and model
  • The vehicle's length – your insurance company may have guidelines for stretched vehicles
  • The age of the vehicle – older cars may not be acceptable
  • Minimum coverage limits and your deductibles – you may be required to carry higher limits than state minimum coverage

The state, or states, where you operate might have additional or different requirements. Be sure to check with your local DMV for exact requirements or restrictions.


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